Our Services

Laboratory and field testing of Construction materials and components

  • Carrying out laboratory tests on building materials such as cement, aggregate, Cube, brick, block, bituminous mix, timber, rebar, etc. as per relevant Indian Standards.
  • Concrete mix proportioning for strength, workability and durability for varying applications.


Core test for RC structures, Pavements etc. (Semi-destructive Test)

  • Extraction and Testing of Concrete Cores for assessment of Quality and strength of in-situ concrete for RC structures, CC Pavements, CC Lining etc.,
  • Extraction and Testing of Bitumen Cores for assessment of Density of Bituminous Layers.


Geotcchnical Investigation

  • Investigation by drilling Bore Holes, conducting Field Tests, collecting Samples carrying out Laboratory Tests and furnishing Report with Recommendations.
  • Conducting Tests for Compaction and Quality Control in Earth Works, CBR Test for Soil.


Third Party QualityAssurancc of construction activities.

  • Setting up a team of engineers at site or carrying out periodic site visits depending on site requirement for quality inspection.
  • Checking of materials of construction and review of test reports, collecting samples at site, if necessary to examine the quality.
  • Quality inspection of materials and works including Form work, fabrication, Concreting and Finishes.
  • Furnishing periodic reports on quality aspects to the client.
  • Providing site training on quality aspects of constructions.